• plant overview
  • cell culture
  • purification
  • fill and finish


Robust and optimal downstream processing for biopharmaceuticals

DM Bio plant is built to prevent virus contamination which is main risk of DSP considering cGMP guidelines from the concept design stage. It is also designed to have the flexibility to meet the clients’ needs for DSP at various production scales ranging from hundreds to thousands litters of harvest cell clarification fluid. We established a purification line specific to mAbs based on mAb platform technology, and also an extra purification line for various recombinant protein drugs.

Each chromatography equipment is used only for each step of the downstream processing. It is even strengthened by adding the number of fractionations, and made biosimilars able to have better similarity to the original. Equipments for filtering, mixing, dialysis, buffer producing, automatic column packing, washing and sterilizing are also furnished. All processes are in automatic control of the central SCADA system; all processes and data are centrally managed.

Key Equipment
  • Buffer Preparation Skid
  • Column Packing Skid
  • Chromatography Skid
  • Single-Use Multi-Functional Skid
  • Iris Diaphragm Valve
  • UF/DF (TFF) Skid