• plant overview
  • cell culture
  • purification
  • fill and finish

Cell Culture

DM Bio is equipped with three 2,500L production lines (hybrid system) for mAbs and one 500L bioreactor production line (single-use system) for recombinant proteins.

Multiple independent production lines for mAbs and recombinant proteins

Recombinant protein production suite, which comprises bioreactors of single-use system, is located on the first floor. mAb production suite, which has hybrid system made up of both single-use and multi-use system, is located on the second floor. Small volume bioreactors are based on single-use system and do not use CIP and SIP to minimize usage of utilities and to maximize flexibility. The biggest volume bioreactors, 2,500L bioreactors, adopted multi-use system and allowed capacity which single-use system can’t give.
We have a continuous centrifuge and depth filtration systems for harvest with the support of media preparation vessels, autoclaves and washers.

Key Equipment
  • Wave Bioreactor
  • Single-Use Bioreactor
  • Multi-Use Bioreactor
  • Media Preparation Skid
  • Continuous Centrifuge
  • Depth Filtration System